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Iphone Screen Replacement

When I first got my iPhone 4s I was so happy, I actually had a friend phone me and say “welcome to the iphone fraternity!” I was spending hours on it downloading new apps and was amazed at everything it could do. Then that dreaded day came, I dropped it! The screen was cracked, but it still worked. I continued to use it for a while until one day the screen became a blank fuzziness.

I had phone insurance which covered this, but I had to pay an excess of £75. Then a work colleague told me he had a friend who would fix it for £50 and have it back to me the next day. I give it to him and he give me the address of his friends house to pick it up.

The next day I was anxious to get my treasured iphone back but before I left to get it, my girlfriend told me her iphone had suffered the same fate. Not having enough doe to get hers fixed as well I told her I’d ask the fella if he could sort hers next week. When I arrived I was amazed at my shinny new phone. I give him the money and asked if he could do another one next week to which he replied “mate, you could probably do it yourself. I taught myself and now I have 11 phones up there to fix for people.

I thought about what he said on my way home, could I do this? I researched iphone screen repair on youtube and prices for screens on ebay. Now I am not what you would call gifted at repairing things, but I’m nothing if not a trier. I purchased the screen and tools for £14.99 and they came in 2 days. I thought I would attempt this without her knowing, cause she would be sure I’d fail and tell me to give it to someone who knows what they’re doing. I had a laptop in the table, a couple of empty tablet strips to put the small screws in, which turned out to be a great idea, and my tools. I started nervously, pausing at every instruction, following it to the letter and being extremely careful and after an hour it was done!

I couldn’t believe it. I beamed as I give it back to my missus and told her I completed this extremely difficult task ( which it was not! ) by myself. She was as shocked as I was. I had an incredible sense of achievement and then it dawned on me. 11 phones at £50, screens £15, that’s a profit of £35. Multiplied by 11, that’s £385! And surely I would get faster the more I practised? I decided to put my name out there, just friends and family, and it wasn’t long before a few came in. I decided to garage £40, a £25 profit. Though I enjoyed doing this I could see myself going at it seriously and starting up a business, but I enjoyed it as a hobby, and there seemed to be more and more people cropping up offering a cheaper service, same day delivery etc so I left it alone.

But my friends were still amazed that I could do this, they seen it as an impossible task for a regular person. Had I have really tried, set up a website, advertise on the internet, I probably could have done well at it, but I just didn’t have the passion. Here is one of the many videos on youtube showing you how to do this. I am not encouraging anyone to stat taking their iPhones apart as this will void the warranty, this post is just to explain that you really can do anything you set your mind to. Ask me a few years ago could I fix a smashed phone I would have laughed and said yes, maybe after some sort of training school!

Thank you for reading.