My gaming

Although I started my gaming in the early 90’s, I have only recently got back into it in the last few years, due to having a young family I had to retire the ps3 for a while.

My earliest memories take me back to Alex The Kidd on the Sega Master System. Myself and a friend would come home from school and head straight up to the room and play till dinner time. Although I did get hours of enjoyment out of this, it wasn’t until the Christmas of 93 when I got the Sega Megadrive that I found my love for video games.

I can remember playing the first Sonic the Hedgehog anytime I was free. I remember running myself a bath the first time I used the cheat, up down left right A B C start, was so excited that a forgot about it and the bathroom was flooded! I had lots of great games, from memory I had all the Sonics, Echo the Dolphin, the early FIFA games, Earthworm Jim, Taz, Aladin, streets of rage, terminator, fatal fury and many more!

I then moved on to the Sega Saturn, I fondly remember playing the controversial game Loaded, among others like Sega rally, world soccer 98, worms, virtual fighter 2, house of the dead and many more. I had got this console as I was a big fan of Sega, and I also moved on to the Sega dreamcast instead if getting the first Playstation which was a mistake in terms of the games that were available. The dreamcast was ok, it came with internet access which we didn’t have I’m our house at the time not owning a PC. The only game I remember playing was Sega Bass fishing. This was a very addictive game.

I then treated myself to the Playstation 2. The games for this really got my love back for video games. Playing LMA manager for hours on end, the GTA games, silent hill, metal gear solid, Dave mirra bmx, resident evil, burnout 3 and loads more. I also went through my football games every year, I started off with the FIFA games, then went on to pes, then back to FIFA.

After this time I started a family and give up gaming for a while, though I did miss it. It wasn’t until our first daughter was about 3 that my girlfriend bought me the PS3. I was over the moon! And the games have been incredible. I have too many to name buy up there with my favourites are cod ghosts, gta5, and FIFA. I have just recently purchased final fantasy 14. It’s hard to get my head around but I’ll plough on through as it looks fantastic!

This is just my views on games that I have enjoyed over the years. There are so many I haven’t mentioned or just can’t remember but I would love to hear anyone’s comments on games they have enjoyed over the years too. There’s a certain nostalgia when someone mentions a game from your past that you have forgotten.

Thanks for taking the time to read, I will be posting news on unsigned artists, music, games, tech, movies and anything else.


Tech and music news

I have been recently trying to connect with the music community through twitter @platunsigned to try and help with promotion for all the great unsigned artists out there. I have compiled an unsigned playlist on my youtube channel These are great songs and I would love anyone involved in the music industry to have a listen.

There are so many promo company’s, digital labels, management company’s etc out there and I know what I do is small in comparison to these but I enjoy doing it and I know any artists I have been in contact with love that little extra bit of publicity for their music.

I have decided to branch out a bit in other aspects of life and write about other things I enjoy including tech, games, movies, and anything else I find interesting so please have a read at my blog, feel free to chat with me about anything and I hope to give updates as much as I can.