Music Tech


Producing music has come a long way from being in the recording studio with a mixing board. There are so many ‘bedroom producers’ out there and creating great work using nothing else but their home computer or laptop. There are even apps that will let you create a masterpiece on your phone while your sitting in work!

The amount of software that’s available is incredible and can range in price anywhere from free to over £500. There’s software for beginners and more complex software for the experienced producer, either way it gives everyone a chance to create a sound of their own and share it through the many avenues the internet has to offer, youtube, soundcloud, reverb etc.


A lot of these company’s will usually allow you to test their software as a free 30 day trial, with limited sounds, loops, drum beats etc, and it lets you get a feel for what would be suited to you before you hand over your money! Check the company’s own website or places like to find these. I personally found that magix music maker was extremely easy to use for beginning and when I got a better understanding of how it all worked I moved on to fruity loops studio, which had a lot more to it including a wider range of plugins and loops. This is also the preferred choice of software for Porter Robinson, and there’s a very good interview with him from Mix Mag below.

I have added a link to the top 10 music production software below. As I’ve said give the free trials a go, play about with them and then make your decision. There are literally thousands of videos on youtube offering support and tutorials. You could become the next Calvin Harris!

Thank you for reading. I am not an affiliate of any of these software company’s, these are just my views.


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