As you may know I am a lover of all music, and I especially love all the hard work and graft that musicians put in to getting their music out there. In the digital age we live in there are so many bands exhausting every avenue the internet has to offer to get their stuff heard, not to mention all the travelling and gigging on top of this. From my previous posts I mentioned a small playlist I have on my youtube channel of some fantastic artists and up there with the best of them I would have to say is Kick’s Sky And Sea.

Kick are a four piece band from North West London who formed in May 2012. Their track Sky And Sea has already received notable air play on Amazing Radio, as well as having well over 3000 views on youtube, which itself shows these guys are already a well revived band.

For me personally, it is one of those songs I could just listen to over and over again. It is a perfectly structured indie rock track, the production is excellent and the lyrics filter through the instrumentals in a way that makes the song suit any mood, but don’t just take my word for it and have a listen yourself and watch their amazing video for the track;

Kick’s self titled EP is due out in June 2014 and I honestly can’t wait to have a listen. I find the best way to get a real feel for new artists is in my car, on my own on my commute to and from work when I have time to sit back and really take it in. I’m sure it won’t be long until ‘Kick’ is a household name and will be gracing the stages at all the major festivals.

Thanks for reading and I hope to share my views on other topics in the future, and thanks to the guys from Kick!


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