Bruce Springsteen


If you had asked me in my teens did I listen to Bruce Springsteen I probably wouldn’t even have knew who he was! It wasn’t until in was in my mid 20’s I discovered his music. I remember my girlfriend telling me how much her brother loved Bruce Springsteen, and I had a giggle cause he was a good few years younger than me. When I asked him about why he listened to music that I assumed was what your parents would listen to he just laughed at me and said “you just don’t know what good music is”

I enjoy listening to all types of music, so I decided to have a listen for myself. I got on to iTunes and pick a random assortment of around 20 songs and burnt them on to a cd and put it on in my car on the way to and from work. I was instantly hooked. I would listen to ‘my hometown’ on repeat, and the same with ‘born to run’ , ‘ the river’, Atlantic City, and ‘thunder road’

I then went on to buy his albums, it was great, it was like discovering a whole new form of music. I would tell my friends about what I was now listening to, who again would joke about listening to ‘older peoples music’ and again, just like my girlfriends brother did before, I would say “you just don’t know what good music is”

Then, in 2009, he went on to headline Glastonbury, proof that his music could reach out to any age. It was amazing watching him perform and since then he has made another great fantastic albums.

I would encourage anyone who isn’t familiar with all of his work to do what I did, take the time out and have a listen. There is loads of his music in youtube, and his live shows.

I have added a couple of links above to have a read or a listen. He has so many amazing songs but after some hard deliberating, here are my top 5

1; born to run
2; thunder road
3; my hometown
4; the wrestler
5; blood brothers

Thank you for taking the time to read my views on one of my favourite artists. Please fell free to leave a comment or share any of your stories with me.



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